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Our mortgage calculator will help you figure out your total monthly mortgage, payment schedule and payoff date. This calculations provides an initial idea regarding how much house you can afford based on your income. Keep in mind there are many variables including your credit report that will need to be factored in order to calculate to your personal monthly mortgage rate.

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Mortgage Calculator Tips:

Mortgage Term: The length of time of the mortgage will be repaid. Most mortgage terms are either 15 to 30 years.

Interest Rate: Is the interest charged on the loan which ideally should be fixed as variable is of high risk.

Property Tax: This is the tax assessed on the value of the property by the local or municipal governments. Most houses have the property tax as part of the listing unless it is a new home construction. In this case, you would need to estimate the property tax based on similar home values.

Property Insurance: Provides protection against most risks to property. If you are not sure, you can use .50% of the value or sales price.

Private Mortgage Insurance: PMI rates vary, but may range between 0.3% and 1.2% of the loan amount on an annual basis. Reference: (3% down .77%)(5% down .54%) (10% down .39%).

First Payment Date: Is when you would expect to make the first payment on the house which usually is at closing.

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If you are interested in more calculator options, click here to view our complete list of helpful mortgage calculator tools.

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