1st Time Home Buyers


Most people don’t realize that federal, state and local governments provide hundreds of millions of dollars to help homebuyers. These programs are not well-publicized and they are often complicated and confusing for loan officers and real estate professionals to figure out. Sometimes there are income restrictions, sometimes not. Sometimes you have to be a first time buyer….. sometimes not. We have done the research and have the experience as one of the top lenders as recognized by the state finance agency who makes many of these loans available.

My goal, as a mortgage lender, is to help my borrower take advantage of these programs to achieve homeownership – and I have great relationships with real-estate agents who also know and understand these loans. Often, mortgage brokers and banks shy away from these complex loan programs because they are less lucrative, require additional paper work, and keeping up with changes is just too much for most to deal with. Mark Svihel is committed to helping expand homeownership throughout the state and we know they are truly great loans! In many cases we help people get into their home for as little as $1,000 out-of-pocket!

Why not work with a mortgage company and mortgage banker who believes you should get as much help as possible to buy your new home?

There is a great chance you qualify for one of these program! Call or email Mark today.

Minnesota Down Payment & Closing Cost Help

Don’t let the down payment & closing costs prevent you from buying a home.  We have access to many options to assist in the buying process. Grants & low interest loans are both options that are available today for qualified individuals. These options will pay for your down payment and closing costs. We listed the most popular options below that can provide assistance in helping you to become a homeowner today! 

  • Grants to $5,000.  The entire $5,000 is forgiven if you live in the house for 5 years. 
  • Grants to $4,000.  The entire $4,000 is forgiven if you live in the house for 5 years. Limited to specific Counties. 
  • Loans to $8,000.  0% interest, repaid when property is sold, refinanced, or 1st mortgage is paid off. 
  • Loans to $15,000.  Interest rate equal to 1st mortgage rate. This assistance is paid back monthly. 
  • Programs can be layered or used together. You are not limited to using just one program.  
  • In most cases only $1,000 is needed for the entire purchase.  That’s it…..you need $1,000 saved and used towards the transaction. 
  • Credit score and income qualifications vary. 
  • Rural Development – $0 Down – $0 out of pocket required – Certain locations apply.